every day

this is how I live my day: it’s morning, i tell myself “you could have a bad day. bad things happen all the time. don’t feel special, just enjoy every moment and all that it affords you. by the end of the day y’ould have learnt a thing or two or overwhelming lot about being human. it never gets easy; you might lose a sleep or your life – carpe diem

how do you do yours. I’d love to know

The Journey Begins

Howdy beautiful,

I must say, I’m so thrilled, and so alive, to be here as your guide! It’s taken forever to get me here, I know. The Ones in the heavens wouldn’t let me be if I didn’t take to the call – all of life so depends on this, they’d whisper to me (unlikeliest of all). Keeps me nervous, like right now. 😬

My scare though, is that I really – really – don’t know where this is going (for they would not say), or how long it’s going to take us to get there, but I thank you for joining me.

You know what they say about it being in “the journey” and “not the destination”.

So brace up now, friends, as we bore along this unknown road! Our bleeding hearts’ all that we’ll be needing on this journey; as we thread on, life is going to be happening here and there, don’t plan to miss it!!

Be self aware 😁

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton